How To Contact Greenleaf Contractors Ltd


(01482) 870272, (+441482 870272), Mobile 07823 776569

(01482) 887263 (+441482 887263) - it still works, but we would prefer an email as we don't check the fax very often!

If we aren't in the office, calls are diverted out to the mobile or a telephone answering service

If the call is diverted to the mobile, it can also sometimes take me a few seconds to delve down inside my overalls, remove face-masks etc. to reach the phone - so please bear with me, It also can take a few seconds for the blast systems to stop blasting - so if there is lots of noise on the line - that is what it could b      If it ends up with an answer-phone - please leave a message; remembering that I don't know your number!

The telephone answering service are sometimes a little 'economical with the truth' in order to elicit details from a caller, typically saying that I 'have just popped out' - whereas I could be driving along the motorway, or deep in a cellar! - The details you leave with them are sent on as an email, leaving it relatively easy to call you back when hands, and external influences allow.

Very occasionally we have to work nights, or be on sites where mobile 'phones are not allowed - and so may not be able to answer; in which case we will try to arrange that the 'phone is diverted to the answering service - and so long as you leave your number and details - We will call you back!

Actual Address

Our Office is in Unit 3, Acorn Industrial Estate, Riverview Road, Beverley, East Yorkshire, HU17 0LD. Our works is Unit 6 - i.e. where our blasting booth is and where some of our machines live.

Finding our Office
These units (the entire Acorn Industrial Estate) are between Kingstonian Storage and Vauxmaster Tech / BMC; and if you know old Beverley, is where the shipyard used to be; precisely 80 metres up Riverview Road, Beverley.

Riverview Road itself is at the River Hull (east) end of Grovehill road. - more or less on the way to Weel.

what3words addresses - Unit 6 - the works :- kings.crunched.dreaming Unit 3 - the office :- narrowest.tedious.returns

During office hours (Monday to Friday, 9-5) Unit 3 is always occupied, but as most of our work is done on site, these are probably office staff - So please 'phone before setting off with something that needs cleaning. We do have a forklift for moving heavy objects - but our office staff don't drive it - particularly if there is a compressor parked in front of it!

A PDF version of how to find our office  or a google maps link

Outside normal hours, Tom does live within 15 minutes of the office - so we can arrange access on an evening or weekend - probably. He may not be too happy about a request at 3am though...


(click the link and it will generate the email address - or use webmaster [at] surfprep [dot] co [dot] uk)
General Information:    webmaster email address
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Customer Support: webmaster email address
Webmaster:    webmaster email address


Paying us!

We prefer bank transfer (details available on request - but the account and sort code are printed on our invoices and on the emails that the invoice is attached to) - but please reference your account number and/or or the invoice number on the transfer! Cheques are also accepted (send to the Acorn Industrial Estate address, and very specifically written in favour of "Greenleaf Contractors Ltd")

We can also accept credit cards, but the easiest way for this to happen is that we send you, by email, a version of the invoice with a link to our card processor - this way is completely secure and means that we don't need to handle your card details in any way - it also self-remittances in our accounts software.

Please treat emails from us saying that we have changed account number or sort code with a very large grain of salt. A 'phone call to Tom on his mobile (above) would be good way to check this particular scam.