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Since the demise of Farrow System Ltd several people have approached us for help; We have been using these machines for nearly 20 years, and much of this time I have been diagnosing problems over the 'phone as they happen on site - and my employees 'phone in; As a result of this I can often diagnose the fault and at least tell you where to start looking, whether the problem might be solved in-situ, work rounds, or whether it is a job stop type issue


We offer training on the use of these machines - whether you want a overview of setting up, working and simple fault diagnosis, through to job specific training. Our standard 'course' covers setting up the machine, using it, and cleaning up afterwards. We provide a printed colour manual for your machine, and will advise on choice of machine settings etc.. The main part of the course however is to make you familiar with the various parts of the machine, so if something goes wrong we are 'singing from the same hymn sheet' when trying to diagnose the fault. Courses can be run at our premises or yours. The advantage of me coming to you is that we can make a mess of your yard, rather than mine!, you don't need to trail your machine across the country, and we can practice on your particular problems. The disadvantage is that if there is a problem with your machine, I can't guarantee to fix it there and then - for example if one of the problems you have is that your diesel compressor won't start (as with a customer in 2012) I am not a diesel engine engineer and can't guarantee to solve it (your local large plant hire shop is a much better bet). That customer nearly got a bill for my time, accommodation and fuel to travel to the other side of the country in order not to train him - but it was quickly solved after we started to strip the compressor down and spotted that there was no fuel, at all, in the tank! So - at the very least, please ensure that your compressor works!

It is also sensible to discuss your requirements and planned works, maybe even your business plan before I come and train you. That same customer spent all his lead up to the training talking about white line removal, and I went down to train him with a selection of coarse grits. When I got there it turned out that what he was actually planning on cleaning were wooden window frames (which were in fact his entire business) needing the finest of abrasives!

It should be emphasised that after a one day course you will not be an instant expert on the use of these machines, but will have a basic understanding! You should plan to do a few days practice before setting out to do a job for a paying customer!

Many customers use the course as a way of getting a second hand machine 'checked over' soon after purchase

Fault Finding and Spare Parts


farrow system ,farrow system training, farrow system support, sand jet training, London

A WIWA pump (dead) in bits - I am now pretty good at diagnosing the faults with these - as they appear from the blast nozzle - and know the tools and the spare parts (which we stock) you need! This page Sourcing Farrow Spare Parts discusses our spare parts service in more detail