Painted Stone Cleaning

In the photos below you can choose between dirty stone and painted stone via the menu on the top left of the picture box.

  • Painted Stone
painted stone cleaning, paint removal, sand blasting, sand jet, yorkshire, lincolnshire, uk

A data sheet on our stone cleaning services, a suitable summary for printing is available in PDF format, Painted Stone Datasheet

We specialise in using a low pressure sand jetting system that we have used nationwide for property restoration, including working on Listed Buildings - with appropriate approval from Conservation Officers. We have in particular cleaned paint of notable buildings in York, Nottingham and Lincolnshire

The system, when we use it, causes minimal damage to an underlying surface and is flexible enough to tackle most property restoration cleaning tasks.

Sand Jet Cleaning

The low pressure sand jet cleans paint from stone without injecting large quantities of water into the surface, and with minimal surface damage, at the same time, the 'damp' system also captures the dirt, paint and abrasive, preventing the health and safety risks associated with dry blasting. It is a safe way of removing lead paints from surfaces - for the lead paint is captured in the sludge and can be disposed of as a hazardrous waste

painted stone cleaning, paint removal, sandblasting, sand jet, yorkshire, derbyshire, uk

Another advantage of the system is that it also uses far less abrasive than traditional techniques, making expensive abrasives cost effective, but more significantly reducing waste - and when removing lead paint this can be a very significant cost saving. Abrasive does not need to be recycled, preventing cross contamination between jobs, and apart from in specialist cases, is not a major part of the running costs.

Dry Blasting

However for some internal tasks, damp blasting can be awkward - for the sticky / sludgy nature of the end product from the sand jet does typically need a hose or pressure washer to clean up. We have therefore developed a low pressure and low consumption dry blast pot that can be used to gently clean stone. The dry waste is relatively easy to sweep up - although dust will get everywhere in the room being cleaned. Occasionally though, we are asked to 'Sand Blast' internal walls to give the impression that the walls have been Sand Blasted - on more than one occasion we have had to come back to a site as we have cleaned a wall without damage, but the designer or architect wanted a "damaged effect" - but hasn't passed that message on - assuming that all sand blasting is equal!

painted stone cleaning, paint removal, sandblasting, sand jet, yorkshire, nottinghamshire,  uk

Key Benefits

  • The possibility of varying pressures mean that the system is gentle enough to clean delicate surfaces, yet powerful enough to strip multiple layers of paint in one pass.
  • It is not a chemical process so no noxious or harmful slurries or fumes are generated.
  • As it uses only minimal amounts of water and abrasive the system is regularly used indoors.
  • Less mess than other systems, the low pressures mean that secondary mess (dust being blown out of floorboards etc.) is also minimised.
  • Cleaning to the requirements of BS 8221-1&2 :2000 the British Standard Code of Practice for Surface Cleaning.
  • Quick efficient Graffiti Removal. No interference with other work in area.