Laser Cleaning

Surface Cleaning with Laser Light!

laser cleaned wooden beams

At long last, laser cleaning is becoming affordable for domestic and jobbing industrial applications. The system applies a scanning laser beam to a surface, and the contaminant is vapourised. We can now offer this service, it is possibly not the cheapest option, but if you are living in an open plan property then this could be the solution for you. It is very effective at removing smoke damage, less effective at removing white paint!

laser cleaned wooden beams closer view

here is a closer view of those beams - from the side - the dark varnish has been removed leaving the original oak intact. and you can see the fume extraction necessary...

laser cleaned wooden beams close up view

and an even closer view of those beams the original oak seems hardly touched.

If you have a single dark beam in an open plan, carpeted, lived in house... then Laser Cleaning is very definitely the way to go... if you have multiple empty rooms full of beams, then dry sandblasting is probably the most cost effective, and certainly fastest, route.

laser cleaned stonework close up view

An relatively long established cleaning system has been the cleaning of stonework - particularly of statues and heavy carving where dirt is a regular problem - and abrasive methods can cause issues.